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Animation done...but...

2008-12-24 12:40:37 by Temperance11

Okay so my semester of school is done with and I am currently on Holiday Break. And good news, my Animation I final was completed on time and to my liking. However, being that I'm not that well versed in Flash (I was using a program called Toon Boom Harmony) and the entire thing was drawn by hand using the old-fashioned pencil and paper method, I'm not sure how to put it in .swf file format. Thus, I can't post it here on Newgrounds yet, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to convert this file (it's in Quicktime format currently) I would greatly appreciate it.

My demo reel is not posted either due to this little problem.


I did however post the Animation I final on and it can be found here. n_R8

It's called "Skarbuxx Coffee" it runs approx. 20 sec. Short I know but it's what the project called for, everything that contibuted to the making of it was done by me.

Thanks, enjoy, and Happy Holidays.



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