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Trudging along

2009-05-05 02:29:09 by Temperance11

Once again the semester at school is nearly finished, and I must say i haven't done as much in the way of worthy animations as I expected I would. I say that not meaning they suck, actually they look quite good and that's not just me blowing my own horn (ha). Simply put, I'm still working on fundamentals in all of my animation classes.

BUT, It's come to fruition that in my spare time away from classwork I have become one of CCAD's few voice actors, a title that only two other people share. It's pretty respectable in it's own right.

So here goes the moment where I whore myself out to you, the producers. I am a fairly capable voice actor, I've already posted two pieces of voice work on Newgrounds, if you like what you hear PM me with your budding work.


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